Squash Camp z Tino Casas / International coach, CEO Worldenjoyer

Już od 3 do 5 listopada pierwszy w Polsce CAMP SQUASHa w Łodzi z trenerem reprezentacji Hiszpanii Tino Casas Fortuny (International coach and CEO of Worldenjoyer).
Poniżej kilka szczegółów a więcej znajdziecie tutaj:

3 dni / 3,4 i 5 listopad 2017 (piątek, sobota i niedziela)
Start piątek 17:00

– Trening z międzynarodowymi trenerami squasha mim
Tino Casas – International coach and CEO of Worldenjoyer / Spanish National coach (Juniori Senior 2006 -2015)
– Program obejmie wszystkie aspekty rozwoju zawodników w tym technikę, taktykę, ruch i trening fizyczny.
– Camp dostosowany jest do każdego poziomu gracza (początkujących, średnio- i zaawansowanych).
– 10 godzin treningów / dla każdego uczestnika (2 godzin rano i 2 h po południu)
– Lokalizacja w najlepszym miejscu, łączącym łatwość dojazdu (centrum Polski) super klub (I’m Fit w centrum Łodzi z 6 kortami) i świetnym otoczeniem (Hotele, restauracje i kluby)

Program Campu

Important Point: – We recommend to meet at the club 15 minutes before the Squash Session.


Group Golan: Michal J, Krzysztof S, Mika C, Dawid M, Lukasz G, Krzysiek P, Marta M, Marek J.
Group Shabana: Pawel J, Peter S, Gianni C, Zbigniew K, Piotr Kania, Piotr Florczyk, Piotr Kijewicz


Friday 3th November 2017.

Group Golan – From 4.45 P.M to 7 P.M.

Group Shabana – From 7 P.M to 9.15 P.M.


Saturday 4th November 2017.

Morning Session.

Group Golan – From 10.00 to 12.00 A.M.

Group Shabana – From 12.00 to 14.00 P.M.

Afternoon Session.

Group Golan – From 5.00 to 7.00 P.M.

Group Shabana – From 7.00 to 9.00 P.M.


Sunday 5th November 2017.

Morning Session.

Group Shabana – From 10.00 to 12.00 A.M.

Group Golan – From 12.00 to 14.00 P.M.



The Technical Programme.

– Stroke correction.
– Practical exercises to improve and reinforce the foundation of your technique.
– Introduction and improvement of basic strokes.
– Identification and improvement of your areas of weakness.
– Training with dynamic games to;
Perfect and define your technique and ball placement.
Improve shot selection.
Reduce errors.
Improve consistency.
-Provide you with the knowledge to make an appropriate choice of response by having a good range of shots.
– Provide a critical evaluation of efficiency of training methods you currently use and offer you alternatives.
– Develop your strengths to make them stronger.

The Physical Programme.

The physical training programme is carried out by our qualified medical sport practitioners and is a personalised physical fitness programme for each player. This includes:
• Development of basic physical abilities – stamina, strength, speed, and flexibility.
• Adapting to the specific physical requirements of a racquet sport – workouts focused on the physical needs of a racquet sport including reaction time, explosive strength, acceleration of movement in the upper body.
• Specific work on muscular compensation.
• Specific work to prevent injuries including the development of general dynamic coordination.
• Personalised physical preparation and competitive goals tailored for each individual.
• Fitness on court, off court, in the gym, and in relation to your own body.

Tactical Programme.

Your tactical decisions can often be the difference between winning and losing. We will increase your understanding of how you can improve your tactical play, this will include:
• Pre-match tactical planning and preparation of each match.
• Strategy during a game.
• Post-match analysis and identification of areas to improve.
• Personalised plans, analysis and understanding of game patterns during match play.
• Player’s progress reports.
• Use of video as a tool for recognising and correcting tactics.
• Match management by coaches.
• Teaching and practice of offense and defence.
• How to finish a rally.

Psychological Programme.

Our Team will help you to understand and develop the psychological element of your game. This will include monitoring carried out during the camp. We can also help our players in the following ways:
• Provide an understanding and train various psychological and emotional variables that affect competition matches, thus favouring stimulation of emotional training, individual learning and prevention of on court problems before they arise.
• Facilitating your understanding of how to develop your style of play to ensure you can continue to play squash throughout your life through an understanding of the right combination of physical and psychological elements as your career develops.

Więcej informacji.
+48 601 23 13 24 lub +34 637 444 869.
Zapisy: info@worldenjoyer.com

O klubie: www.imfit.pl

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